Original color sunless solution is perfectly blended for cool to neutral skin tones, those with more reddish and or blueish undertones (fair skin). The slight hint of reddish base colors complement these clients' natural skin tones for a perfectly natural "just off the beach" look so real that it will fool dermatologists. (8% DHA level).

Wait at least 10-12 hours for your tan to set before showering.  After showering, moisturize liberally and often to maintain the longevity of your tan.

Pricing: $40

Gimme Brown!

Gimme Brown! is a super brown solution that provides the typical "sleep on it" option clients have been using for years. Best for those with evening appointments-after your application you can go to bed & the results will set while you sleep! Please wait at least 10-12 hours  for your tan to set before showering. Results will fully develop in 24 hours. (8,10 &12 DHA levels)

Wait at least 8 hours before showering or exercising strenuously. After first shower, moisturize liberally and often to maintain.

Pricing: $40

The City Tan Collection (most popular)

The World's Fastest Developing Tan! In a hurry? Don't like to wait? Now you're only one hour  away from a gorgeous natural tan. With this Super Express solution , there's no more waiting for hours before showering! Leave on 90 minutes for a light tan, 3 hours for medium color, or 4 hours for maximum darkness, then shower. Results will be fully developed in 24 hours.

Pricing: $50

Care Instructions

Please read the instructions tab before your appointment to maintain the longevity of your tan and to avoid mistakes that can be made due to not following proper pre and post care.